Engagement is central to contemporary business practice. To achieve a desired outcome or impact, businesses and organisations, recognise the need to engage with other stakeholders – public, private and communities. Whether a government agency wants to change policy, a local authority wants to change how people use their services or a business wants to impact the choices people make. Engagement is the tool to inform, develop, and work towards outcomes through relationships and an understanding of different perspectives. Engagement goes deeper and further beyond ‘public participation’, it goes beyond a need to engage to meet legislative requirements.

We deliver engagement from a business strategy level right through to day-to-day practice; we take it from policy to reality.

Training in 2016

Completed your Certificate in Engagement from IAP2 Australasia yet?

Have you started your Advanced Certificate in Engagement yet?

Next year I’m offering IAP2 engagement training directly to clients. This is your opportunity to get your engagement qualifications up to date.

For more information about the certificates click below:

Certificate in Engagement

Advanced Certificate in Engagement

As one of the IAP2 developers of the Certificate in Engagement and Advanced Certificates in Engagement, I’m able to provide a comprehensive offer for the modules in both Certificates. All participants will receive full IAP2 recognition.

Training Dates

My first dates for IAP2 engagement training in 2016 are:


Engagement Design 9th and 10th February

Engagement Evaluation 15th February

Engagement Methods 16th and 17th February


Conflict in Engagement 3rd March


Engagement Pathways 4th March

Further 2016 dates will be available early next year or if you want to organise training just for your organisation, drop us a line on people@pattillo.co.nz

What does the training cost?

Direct training at a lower cost for my New Zealand clients:

Book for one day of training $550 plus GST per person day

Book for two days of training $500 plus GST per person day

If your organisation can act as a host of training and have three or more participants for each training day then we can offer you a further discount.

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